hand-stitched textiles

a distant view of the blues quiltmarigold and honey # 55so big that this is another shot in another part of ithandmade tactile textile tapestrya big greens,olives,forests,and chartrueses kind of quiltchartruese velvets recycled from an old party dress i used to wear to the mudd club
the wool quilt with lots of bluesfunny teals and blues and blue greens in a medium baby quilt made for grown-upshand-stitched tapestry in 20 shades of greens in 4 fibers:satin,linen,wool,cottonlittle green quilted pillow with orange stitchingthe real big greens color family quilt with a small squared quilt within itthe big funny satin and silk shades of greens quilt..
the vegetable quilt in linens,silks,rayons and cotton

hand-stitched textiles, a set on Flickr.


just say it.

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